Pecan Valley Pecans

The 2008 Pecan Harvest Begins Soon!

This year’s pecan harvest is producing the most plump and delicious pecans in years. The first pecans ready for harvest are the Pawnee and Native Pecans. As the season progresses, other species will be reaching maturity and will be ready for shipment in time for your Holiday Baking needs.

The most outstanding feature of Pawnee is its large nut size combined with very early nut maturity. Pawnee is the first pecan variety we harvest each season.

Native pecans have a better flavor than pecans grown for commercial production because of their natural oils. The shell is thicker and more difficult to shell than most other varieties but the bright kernel and unusual flavor make it worthwhile.

We sell more Choctaw than any other variety. It is a large nut with meat that doesn't stick to the shell. This allows it to shell out quickly and easily. The kernel is darker than most but the flavor is tremendous.

Cheyenne is the variety of choice if you are looking for a kernel that is bright and creamy in color. Many of our customers, after sampling each variety in the store, choose Cheyenne for its "nutty" flavor. Cheyenne has the thinnest shell of any variety we sell but is usually not quite as large as some of the others.

If you're looking for a nut that is sweet in flavor, Desirable is the one you want. The shell is thicker than most other varieties but the bright kernel and unusual flavor make it worthwhile. It is similar in size to Choctaw and Kiowa.

Kiowa is very similar to Choctaw in size, shape, and flavor but the kernel is a little lighter in color. Kiowa halves make an impressive gift or enhance the top of pastries.

This variety is not as popular as the "Indian" varieties but only because the name is not as easily recognized. This long, slender pecan produces some of the plumpest kernels of any we have. The meat is not as bright as Cheyenne but not as dark as Choctaw. The shell is of average thickness.

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